Thursday, October 20, 2016

Innovations from Our Customers: A Look at IGeLU Developers Day 2016

Miryam Brand, Ex Libris

At Ex Libris we pride ourselves on our amazing customer community. A chief
benefit of our active community is the innovations that our customers continually develop and share. This was particularly evident at the Developers Day at the IGeLU conference in Trondheim, Norway in September of 2016.

We are excited to share the customer and Ex Libris presentations from Developers Day. These presentations show how the community benefits from the openness of Ex Libris products by using APIs and "hacks" that allow them to add even more functionality to their library systems.

Below are links to customer presentations and finally, presentations that the Ex Libris team shared at Developers Day. These presentations include a wide range of functionality -- analytics, search, booking, inventory, UI  -- and products -- Alma, Primo, and Aleph, You can find a page with all the links here. (You can also find a video recording of three of the presentations here.)

Thank you to all the presenters who shared their presentations with us!

From Our Customers:

Presenter: David Lewis, Curtin University
David provided an overview and an introduction to the Perl Analytics API framework and how to use it to automate tasks.

Presenter: Mehmet Celik, K.U. Leuven
This presentation demonstrates the image collection viewer built by Mehmet at K.U. Leuven and ported to the new UI.

Presenter: Karsten Kryger-Hansen, Aalborg University
When users search for lots of different terms over multiple search sessions, it can be hard to remember the records they have seen before. Karsten and the team at Aalborg University have reduced the cognitive burden with a system that saves and highlights records seen before in future searches.

Presenter: Dean Lingley, Purdue University
Dean Lingley discussed Purdue's use of Alma APIs to extend Alma functionality in the areas of booking, inventory control, and third-party search tools.

Presenter: Bettina Kaldenberg, UB Mannheim
Bettina provided an in-depth explanation of the integration of Alma and bibliotheca at UB Mannheim.

Presenter: Joan Kolarik, Weizmann Institute Of Science
Many Ex Libris customers have begun to use Tableau for data visualizations. This presentation discusses Tableau features, template-sharing, and introduces the Tableau/Ex Libris Support Group.

Presenters: Christine Moulen, Rich Wenger, MIT
For a number of years MIT has been running an Article Scanning service, which handles request and delivery of scanned PDFs of articles from materials in storage via Aleph, SFX, and ILLiad. This year, the service was expanded to include materials from all campus libraries, with the centralized scanning facility remaining in the Library Storage Annex. Rich Wenger and Christine Moulen discussed how they experimented with add-ons and added other custom scripting to enable the expanded service. Supplementary material can be downloaded here.

Presenter: Lukas Koster, Library of the University of Amsterdam
This presentation presents the CORE pilot project at the University of Amsterdam, mapping EADs to Primo Collection Discovery using an agnostic data management hub.

From the Ex Libris Team:

Two-Way Communication with Alma Using Webhooks
Presenter: Josh Weisman, Ex Libris
Alma is releasing early support for webhooks, allowing institutions to subscribe to receive notification when certain events happen in the system. This technology opens up new ways to orchestrate processes and integrate systems with Alma. Josh demonstrated the initial Alma webhook support and built a client to receive the notifications.

Presenters: Guy Ben-Porat and Noam Amit, Ex Libris
Guy and Noam presented a technical session on how to customize and work with the new Primo User Interface, including live development demos and various code examples. (The link is to the presentation slides.)

Check out our dedicated Developers Day page with all the links above, and thanks again to all our presenters!

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