Monday, August 15, 2016

Primo Innovative Uses: Enhancing the Discovery Experience at Curtin University

One of the things we love to highlight in this blog series is when libraries take advantage of Primo's flexible customization capabilities to engage patrons and enhance the use of their collections.

This time, let’s take a look at how Curtin University in Australia customized Primo to actively promote its book collection, while simultaneously – and cleverly – engaging visitors with the library homepage.  

Riding a Dynamic ‘Virtual Bookshelf’ Carousel

Take a look below at the “New Books” carousel widget created by Curtin University, as featured on the right side of their library homepage.

The carousel presents a visitor to the website with a regular update of selected new titles added to the Curtin Library collection. Clicking on any book featured in the carousel takes you directly to that title’s full record, as it appears in Primo.

For a closer look, clicking on the heading “New Books” leads to a full-page view of the carousel under the title “Virtual Bookshelf.”

On this interactive page, the carousel can be used by the user to circle through the titles. Alternatively, the carousel view can be exchanged for a virtual bookshelf interface.

With this feature, Curtin Library is able to promote a specific part of its collection, increase usage, and present a more dynamic homepage to its patrons by leveraging Primo.

For more examples of innovation from Primo customers around the world, check out the Primo Innovative Uses booklet!

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