Thursday, May 19, 2016

15 Must Have Marketing Tips for Libraries

By Beth McGough, Communications and Creative Services Manager, ProQuest

Tweets, blog posts, journal articles, listserv messages…How do you keep up with the latest news in libraries, not to mention catching up on the hottest marketing trends for your library marketing program? To make it a little easier, I’ve gathered 15 top tips and trends that will inspire creative campaigns and bolster your program’s technical edge.  
  1. Take risks, fail fast and learn from your mistakes (MarketingSherpa)
  2. Be authentic and empower employees to be the brand voice (MarketingSherpa
  3. Create visual content (Fast Web Start)
  4. Try live streaming video, such as Facebook Live (Facebook) (Mari Smith)
  5. Incorporate user generated content (Hootsuite) (Post Planner)
  6. Use social media to promote events from start to finish (Dr4Ward)
  7. Post to social networks at optimal times (Dr4Ward)
  8. Collect and use patron testimonials (Hootsuite
  9. Be sure your website is mobile-friendly (Search Engine Watch)
  10. Tighten up your writing (Moz)
  11. Know the SEO basics (Red Website Design)
  12. Focus on local marketing (Search Engine Watch)
  13. Measure against benchmarks (Social Times)
  14. Learn the language of marketers (Jeff Bullas)
  15. Utilize free tools (Moz)
This post was originally published on the ProQuest Blog