Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Discover Alma: Patron Purchase Requests [Video]

Barbara Rad-El, Senior Librarian, Resources Management, Ex Libris

Lots of great new features and enhancements in the Ex Libris Alma® April release!

In this video blog, we focus on a new feature for managing patron’s requests.

This new enhancement allows patrons (in Ex Libris Primo®) to request an item for purchase. Staff with the Selector role can create a request (in Alma); view and edit a patron’s request; email a requester for more information, and approve or reject a request. Approved requests become purchase order lines. The user is notified if the request has been accepted or rejected.

Take a deeper look into the Alma Patron Purchase Requests in this introduction video:

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  1. Surely this Alma is the in thing that will work best for our library. Can I get all the details?
    We are in the process of automating the library