Thursday, November 27, 2014

Edinburgh Napier University Live with Ex Libris Alma

Edinburgh Napier is the first University in Scotland benefiting from Alma in their everyday operations.

After choosing the Primo® discovery and delivery solution the Library decided to implement Alma to simplify workflows and further improve the end-user experience by increasing integration across University departments including HR, finance and Student Record Systems.

We spoke to Chris Pinder, Director of Information Services, who told us about their reasons for choosing Alma and how, in combination with Primo, it will help the Library meet its goals: “Our successful implementation of Alma builds on our recent deployment of Primo and, together, these two products help us play our part in supporting and realising important elements of the University’s strategic vision i.e. an excellent student experience, innovation and, of course, efficiency.”

Margaret Lobban, Assistant Director (Customer Services), gave us some insights into the implementation process at Edinburgh Napier: “We are delighted with the support and encouragement that we have had from Ex Libris because it has allowed our own staff to achieve the ambitious objective of going live before the start of term. The project team has worked very hard to achieve this and their enthusiasm and knowledge have taken the rest of the staff with them.”

Alma’s streamlined approach to library processes will transform their management of electronic resources and to manage their electronic, print and digital collections through a single unified system. Alma Analytics will furthermore enable staff to make decisions based on accurate and easy-to-produce usage statistics.

If you would like to find out more about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. How long (start to finish) was the implementation at Napier?

    1. Since this was conducted a long time ago (2014), I can't report on the exact data. Feel free to contact us for current information about Alma implementation.