Friday, June 27, 2014

Ex Libris Primo is now live at the ‘Archive of Lombardy's Published Documents’

The online archive catalogue in Italy will preserve documents and promote the cultural and social heritage of the Lombardy region.

Since 2004, all publications and broadcasts in any media intended for public consumption in Italy have been submitted for legal deposit, to preserve a lasting memory of Italy's cultural and social life. The ‘Archive of Lombardy's Published Documents’ was created by Lombardy Region and the BEIC Foundation to meet this requirement. Primo will provide users with an optimal discovery and delivery experience, ensuring the rich collections of the Archive receive the exposure that they deserve.

Danilo Deana, Technical Director of the BEIC Foundation spoke with our Italian colleagues and stress that "Primo has enabled us to create a catalogue of cultural documents and broadcasts in Lombardy that not only preserves knowledge of regional culture and social life and makes it freely available to all, but also ensures that we fulfil the requirements of the Declaration of International Cataloguing Principles. Special care has been taken by BEIC staff to ensure an optimal search experience through the enrichment of bibliographic data and data consistency. This was made possible by the flexibility of Primo and the ability to modify data normalization rules."

If you would like to find out more about this project please contact us.

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